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How to create MORE TIME

By Amira Alvarez

Have you moved the needle forward on your big goals, or are you feeling stuck at yet another plateau?

Have you doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled your monthly income, or are you still hustling your @$$ off to keep in line with what you made last year?

Do you have more time for what you love… your family, friends, passion projects, self-care, travel etc… or are you still working those insane 16-hour days?

So much of the angst we experience year after year—the frustration of “why can’t I get ahead” or “what’s the missing link”—stems from not understanding EXACTLY what it means to grow and scale YOUR unique business. As well as not understanding how to best invest your time, energy, resources, and money in the right systems and support.

At its core, all the stress and anxiety we experience comes down to TIME.

You only have 24 hours in the day (just like everyone else). So, if you want to SCALE and GROW, you need to be using your time EFFECTIVELY.

But… what does that even mean and how do you even do that??

When you’re stuck at a plateau and feeling like you have NO TIME to put towards figuring out how to be more effective with TIME, the idea of making a quantum leap in your business can feel impossible and maddening.

You know you need better systems to streamline your process and projects.

You know you need better support to open up your time and energy and focus.

You know you need better ways to package your products or service to increase your revenue stream.

“But you don’t have the time.”

The truth is, you have the power to MAKE the time.

Before you get frustrated, hear me out.

When you’re stuck in the loop of the constant doing and stressing and running around like a mad woman… it sucks up so much more time and energy than is even necessary.

This is where the INNER GAME work comes in, specifically around creating LEVERAGE.

Leverage isn’t about being demanding or overbearing. It isn’t about taking advantage of people or creating more strain and stress. It’s about taking what already exists and works in your business and MAXIMIZING it.

The INNER GAME work involves:

  • Having the right energy and attitude.
  • Valuing yourself, your work, and your worth.
  • Mastering and owning your pricing and packages.
  • Knowing you’re capable of growing (and hiring the right team).
  • Creating the ability to hold your vision and trust in the process.
  • A deep understanding of the Universal Laws and how they apply to leverage.

This allows you to RELAX into more peace and ease, instantly creating MORE TIME.

As does the OUTER GAME work of creating better ways to package what you sell, systems, and team.


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