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How To Create Consistent Results (And Income)

By Amira Alvarez


Are your business results inconsistent?

Is your marketing hit or miss… sometimes falling flat, sometimes generating a ton of new leads?

Does your revenue ebb and flow with no apparent rhyme or reason?

If so, you have to look at where YOU are creating confusion.

If you’re confused about your offerings, the price points, what’s included, or how everything is delivered… or if you keep changing how you do things… sometimes it’s like this, sometimes it’s like that… that creates confusion with your customer.

And guess what? A confused customer doesn’t buy.

But this isn’t the only way our confusion creates inconsistent results.

If your offerings are all over the place and your pricing is inconsistent… or if you wobble between wanting this one day and wanting that the next… you’re also creating confusion with Spirit/Source/The Universe.

The Law of Gender says that there’s a gestation period for all ideas and desires. If you keep changing your mind, and your focus, what you want doesn’t have enough time to gestate… to grow into what you want.

This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the Universe to work with you to provide you with what you want.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t evolve and change how you do things. But you need to do this in an ordered way… not a fear-based, lack-driven, reactive, oh-s**t way.  

This also comes back to the Law of Cause and Effect… and it’s why I talk so much about taking Spirit-Led Personal Responsibility. If you’re not creating the results you want, you have to look at what causes you are and are not putting into effect… where YOU as the business owner are creating confusion or being inconsistent!

Let’s look at what needs to happen to create consistent results…

First, you need to be CLEAR on what you DESIRE.

You need to commit to bringing that desire to fruition NO MATTER WHAT. The truth is, not manifesting what we desire is NOT a sign that “it’s not meant to be.” Spirit operates by the Law of Cause of Effect… which means, if you’re not getting what you want, something is off in what you’re DOING or how you’re BEING. Is there confusion and a lack of focus here?

Second, you need to FOCUS your efforts and energy on creating what you DESIRE.

This comes back to being consistent in taking inspired, Spirit-led actions TOWARDS what you WANT. Even when things don’t go as planned… even if you “fail” or “make a mistake”… even if it seems like nothing is working. You have to continually ask yourself what you want, and then ask, “what is the next step i need to take to make this happen?”

Finally, you have to MAKE IT SAFE to have what you want.

If it’s not “safe” because of old rules, childhood beliefs, or fears… you’re always going to be wobbly in what you want. You have to take a deep, hard, honest look at what’s holding you back from truly claiming… and taking action on… what you desire in your life, business, relationships, and income.

You CAN create consistent results when you understand:

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