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Here’s Mine, How Does It Show Up For You?

By Amira Alvarez

What’s your flavor of ‘not-enoughness’?

We all have one… for me it was always about being smart enough. Getting the grade, the pat on the shoulder, the award. Proving my worth based on what I knew or did well.

Maybe yours is just the classic not good enough. Or maybe it’s not pretty enough… not capable or talented enough… whatever it is, it boils down to this belief that you’re falling short of who you ‘need to be’ to gain love, safety, and security, as well as to truly achieve success.

As you take the steps to claim your goals for this year (personally, professionally, or financially), you’ll see every failure or misstep as a reinforcement of your ‘not ____ enough’ belief.

  • When the marketing campaign doesn’t convert.
  • When the talk or presentation doesn’t get the reviews you hoped for.
  • When the proposal you worked so hard on gets rejected.
  • When you step on the scale after a week of dieting and it hasn’t budged.

All of these things will reinforce the story you’re telling about your ‘not enoughness’… but really, the story you’re telling yourself is at the root of these things happening.

This is your subconscious programming at play.

The way we perceive the world around us is a direct reflection of what we believe to be true about it.

If you believe the Universe is out to get you, you’ll see example after example of this throughout your day, because that’s what you’re looking for. So if you don’t believe you’re good enough in one way or another, what you’re putting out into the world reflects this, and influence what you receive in return. You have to identify and interrupt this cycle.

I want you to give something a try this week:

  1. Identify your own flavor of ‘not enoughness’. How does it show up for you?
  2. Start paying attention to how it shows up for you throughout the day today. How many times do you associate things happening to be a direct result of your ‘not enoughness’? What is the story you tell yourself when these things happen?
  3. Create an alternate story. If you were already enough, what might be different? How might you have shown up differently, and what outcome might you have created?


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