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Are you ready to finally move the needle and get the results that you want in your life and business?

Master the Law of Cause and Effect
Create an action plan that actually works.
Execute on it with far more ease.

Make success inevitable!

Does this sound like you?

You have a great attitude but are not getting the results.
Whether things are good, but you know they could be even better... or you're struggling with consistent income, paying your bills, or having the nicer lifestyle that you want... you know its time to achieve what want quicker.

You need an action plan to make success inevitable.

You don't know what the right causes are to put into action to get the results that you want. You need to know the most effective step-by-step path forward, to save you time and increase your income... now, not someday

You want to step into truth and look at the numbers. 

You're done with avoiding the numbers and going off track. You're ready to understand what's working and what's not, so that you can get into action and stay on track to creating exactly what you want... making it inevitable.

Put the right causes in motion!
Learn exactly what to do to get the outcomes you want.

How much truth can you accept about yourself without running away?

If you’re not tracking or looking at your numbers… around revenue, marketing metrics, fitness goals, and everything else… you’re not accepting the TRUTH about where you stand.

And because of this, you’re directly limiting the amount of growth you can experience.

Metrics and tracking matter, because the numbers don't lie.

You can’t just stick your head in the sand and ignore the numbers, no matter what the goal. That’s what leads to ‘magical thinking’ and inconsistent results. Or, you might see results here and there, but you have no insight into what's working and what's not, so you can't replicate it.

There's a clear process and step-by-step plan of action to create what you desire, regardless of the type of goals you're focus on right now.

Are you ready to sit down and uncover what it is for you?

This powerful group experience will lead to phenomenal successes, such as:

Creating a true quantum leap in your income, increasing your sales, expanding your impact and reach, and setting your business up for the level of success you desire with far more ease.

Finally feeling clear headed, organized, and focused instead of scattered, burnt out, and running on the perpetual hamster wheel of never enough time and never enough money!

Achieving those life goals, like travel, a nicer home, feeling truly confident in your body, and creating more connection and intimacy in all of your most important relationships.

Went from $188k to over $1.1 Million

When I signed on to work with Amira, my anxiety level was sky-high as my business was rapidly growing but the foundation was not yet solid. I was nervous about the investment but knew she could help me make back the investment easily by growing my business. Avoiding burnout was even more valuable to me.

In the short time since we first started working together, I have reduced my stress level by 90%, handed off work to an assistant freeing up at least 20% of my time, added a new revenue stream with new clients and many prospects, and increased my income significantly.

The financial benefits are easy to quantify but the benefits associated with being able to build a strong foundation and reduce my stress level are priceless. Thank you, Amira!

Wendy Schultz
Interior Design,Vacation Rental Remodeling and Management

What to Expect With the Make it Inevitable Group Intensive:

During this virtual, full day group intensive, you and just four other women will receive: 

  • Individual Laser Coaching (over $2,500 value): 

I will personally help you develop a strategic and "move-the-needle" action plan, coach you through your blocks, and pinpoint exactly what you need to be tracking to stay focused and  ready to hit the ground running. Get the benefit of hearing the strategy and coaching given to others in this intimate coaching environment.

  • Private 30-Minute Business Accelerator Strategy Session with me ($997.00++ value): 

My goal here is to laser in on anything that's blocking you from taking the action you need to be taking, help you stay true to what you want to accomplish, and flush out your immediate next steps. 

  • The Make It Inevitable Pre-work Clarity Bundle ($497.00 value): 

These step-by-step worksheets done prior to the day-long intensive will get you clear on what you're really going for (goals, dreams desires), your genius work, and the metrics you need to be tracking and prep you to maximize our time together.

  • Customizable Tracking Templates ($297.00 value): 

Get the very templates I use myself to track sales, income, and lifestyle goals. Learn how to customize them and understand exactly what numbers and metrics you need to stay on top of. Start "Making Love to the Numbers!"

  • Clear Direction (priceless): 

I’ll help you get clear on what YOUR genius work is… your purpose in the world… so that you are DRIVEN forward by what you’re here to do and can step into it now.

  • Breakthroughs of Your Most Stubborn Blocks (priceless): 

Personal coaching to  identify where your subconscious programming repeatedly crops up to sabotage your progress and what to do about it.

One Ticket to the Unstoppable Woman Summit (value $997.00)

Where you will learn to:  

1) Create financial freedom
2) Confidently own your power, and
3) Break through your most engrained blocks

Say yes now and choose the intensive date of your choice:

Includes my risk-free guarantee, one on one laser coaching, and individualized attention to each attendees unique business. 

Just $1,997 today!

February 22nd, 2019

Virtual Group Intensive and 30min Follow-up Call

March 11th, 2019

Virtual Group Intensive and 30min Follow-up Call


If after attending the Intensive you don't feel like the information you've been given will 2x your income, contact my team within 24 hours of your Intensive and we'll refund 100% of your tuition.

    Have questions?

    Call and speak to my highly trained team:


    On my way to 7-figures thanks to our coaching.

    Amira helped me cut through my internal noise and confusion and laid out such a clear and exciting business strategy that I marveled at how fast and clearly she saw it and me.

    She has a unique gift of seeing your strengths and opportunities and helping you bring them to life with ease and magic.

    On my way to 7-figures thanks to our coaching!

    Shasta Townsend
    Bestselling author, heart-focused entrepreneur & marriage mechanic

    Landed a contract for $534,000!

    I am living proof that there is a way to speed up holding the energy for and creating something bigger than we are used to in our business. I recently went after and landed a contract for $534,000, something I would only have dreamed of doing previously.

    This contract represents a quantum leap for me both financially but also as who I'm showing up to be as a business owner. And there's more on the way. I am constantly doing this with a huge leap of faith, that it will work out. And amazingly it does.

    Lauren Wheeler, LEED AP
    Ecologically focused landscape design

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why do this virtually?

    What follow up support comes with the Make It Inevitable Group Intensive?

    How do I prepare for success?

    Is there a guarantee?

    What is the start and end time of the Make It Inevitable Group VIP Day?

    Say yes now and choose the intensive date of your choice:

    Includes my risk-free guarantee, one on one laser coaching, and individualized attention to each attendees unique business. 

    Just $1,997 today!

    February 22nd, 2019

    Virtual Group Intensive and 30min Follow-up Call

    March 11th, 2019

    Virtual Group Intensive and 30min Follow-up Call


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