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Go at your own pace

By Amira Alvarez

Go at your own pace.

It makes things so much easier. In business and in life.

If you try to rush things if you try to keep up with someone else's pace, someone's who has been at it longer or has a different constitution, it's stressful and unsustainable.

You'll feel like you can't keep up and it sucks the good ju-ju right out of you.

And that makes it so much harder to show up in your business and do the good work you want to do.

Instead, go at your own pace.

This is essential in business.

No. It doesn't mean lying on the couch eating bonbons all day long. (Unless of course, your business is a bonbon tasting business. Then, by all means, lie on the couch and eat bonbons.)

Go at your own pace means…

  • Respecting your capacity, time constraints, and energy levels.
  • Respecting how you like to work, your rhythms, and requirements.
  • Respecting how you want to live your life, your need for downtime, and what refuels you.

And most of all it means…

  • Respecting the time it takes to build a profitable, sustainable, wholly you business.

It does not mean getting caught up with what someone else is doing or how fast they've achieved success.

It can happen quickly but don't believe the hype.

It's can be deceptive when you look in from the outside. On the inside, there's a lot of showing up and doing the work.

For now, know where you are and know where you want to be.

And then set a nice deliberate pace, that feels just right for you and is sustainable for the long-haul.

Push yourself. For sure. But not so hard, that you find yourself on the hamster wheel of never enough.

Consciously decide to go at your own pace.


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