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By Amira Alvarez

You’ve got big goals… whether it’s for your life, career, or business.

Now ask yourself….

What do you hold off doing because you don't have the money or don't want to spend the money?

Is it not hiring team or upgrading systems? Is it not investing in the expert or the support you need? (Did someone say, housekeeper???)

Is it not traveling for business or pleasure or not spending money on a new phone? Or maybe it’s not getting that snazzy, sexy new underwear or those hot looking shoes?! 

(I just bought the cutest shoes! Three pairs! Hit reply if you want to see a photo of them and the sexy-hot red crocodile boxes they came in. To die for!)

What if you saw this “saying no to yourself” as a TOLERATION? 

What if you DIDN’T see it as something you can’t afford or an expense… but something you're tolerating in your life… that you’re actually accepting?  

See… one of the enigmas and big truths of life is that we can’t have more until we become more.

Becoming more requires that you ACT from the place you want to be at, not from the place you are right now. 

This means making incremental but significant leaps forward in what you spend money on and how much you spend. It means not accepting your “I can’t afford it” resistance and instead making that incremental purchase that raises who you are being.

This is an act of NOT tolerating the aspects of your life you do not want. It’s the only way to change.

Do it quickly and everything changes quickly.

It’s a mind-bender but it works every time if you then act from this place. 


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