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Which Kind Of Fear Is Stopping You?

By Amira Alvarez

Okay, let's pull back the covers on Visibility today and look at the dark underbelly.

What stops you from getting more out there with your business?

It's probably some kind of fear.

Here are some common fears. Do you relate to these?

Fear of judgment (what other people will think or say)
Fear of rejection
Fear of doing it wrong or making a mistake
Fear of over-selling or being out of integrity
Fear that no one will actually care
Fear that you actually have nothing to share (imposter syndrome)
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Fear of wasting your time
Fear of it not working
Fear of not being good enough

The list actually goes on and on.

What is it for you? What are your top fears when you think of taking your visibility to the next level? Answer this.

This will NOT bring you down. This is a truth-telling mission. You have to see it first to be able to change it.


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