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Don’t fight your feelings

By Amira Alvarez

Sometimes business isn't easy.

We get caught up in our fears. We feel panic or sadness or disappointment. We feel lost or overwhelmed or not enough.

Here's what I've learned…

Don't fight your feelings.

If you fight your feelings, if you say “NO!–don't feel that way”…they clutch tighter to your heart.

The feelings stay, gripping tighter and tighter, until you acknowledge them. Fully.

And not just in a passing way. Nope. It takes a full stop.

It takes opening the door to your heart and letting them in.

Good gawd that's Scary.

Scary. With a capital ‘S.'

Inviting any negative emotion in is downright terrifying.

From experience I can say, that is where the release is. That is how you free yourself from what's pulling you down.

When you let it in, it stops banging on the door. If you don't let it in, it keeps banging. And banging and banging.

For me this takes relinquishing the resistance.

It means that I don't fight my feelings. I let them be. I give them the time and space that they need.

It's disarming how well this works. Like every single time.

Sometimes it takes repeatedly acknowledging them because I slip back into the habit of resistance. Maybe 5 or 6 times. Maybe more. Maybe less.

Stay with it. Just sit with them. It always works.

It's also amazing how often I forget this and need to be reminded: don't fight your feelings.

This is always the way to much more ease.

When we stop fighting our feelings, everything just become so much easier, in both business and in life. Promise.


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