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Do what you love

By Amira Alvarez

Do what you love.

It sounds simple and obvious.

Yet many of us choose the practical. The safe. The compromise.

This always feels like a let down inside–like something is dying inside.

And ultimately, your work becomes drudgery.

And after drudgery, it becomes a struggle.

Instead, stop right now. Shift (even a micro-degree helps) toward what you love.

Because, when you do (more of) what you love it opens you up to creativity and ideas.

It makes you feel alive and on purpose.

It gives you energy for follow-through, for action, for life.

It feels lighter and easier. (And don't we all want that?)

Syncing up what you love to do with your business = the sweet spot of entrepreneurship.

You put in the effort, of course, yet it feels easier.

There's less of that uphill battle, swimming against the current stuff.

If you want an easier business, actively decide to do more of what you love and let go of the rest. You do this one decision at a time. Many incremental shifts add up!


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