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Desire And Clarity

By Amira Alvarez

There's something urgent that wants to come out about desire and clarity.

So much of the time we desire something yet are confused at some level of our consciousness about wanting it. There's a resistance that comes from some belief that says, “It's not okay to want that.”

Years ago when I first starting following my desires and putting them first (and NOT in the “some day” or the “once-all-the-stars-are-aligned and I'm fully ready and have enough money” category), I realized that I denied myself even really simple desires.

The biggest ah-ha around this was related to getting a glass of water, something so basic that it really bonked me on the head with its ridiculousness.

I realized I was denying myself water when I wanted it. I would be in the middle of something “more important” and put off taking a brief break to get up and drink a glass of water.

A glass of water!!! Trust me, the absurdity of this was not lost on me.

In that instant when I recognized what I was doing it became clear that this was representative of how I was putting myself off and denying myself in all parts of my life.

I was saying no to my desires (be they simple like a glass of water or grandiose like where I truly wanted to go in my business) because I believed I can't have what I desire unless I both worked hard for it and denied myself. Ouch!

I believed that success (what I want) comes from a nose to the grindstone work style. I believed this so fundamentally that I had to deny myself a FREAKING GLASS OF WATER in favor of pushing through the work.

YET, get this… what I really wanted was ease, joy in my creating, loving what I was doing in life, trusting that it will all work out… those were my true desires…

BUT I was thinking and behaving completely contrary to my desires.

I was saying I want this effortless ease in my life and business but clearly my belief system was wired differently.

The proof was in the pudding, so to speak. There it was. Glaring evidence of what I truly believed. “No water for you missy until your martyr yourself to your work.”

This kind of clarity is important. When you get clear on the disconnect between your beliefs (what's running the show) and you consciously desire, you then know exactly where the work needs to be done.

You can change your desires, you can deny your desires, OR you can change your beliefs.

You know what I advocate for.

Now, I'm off to get a glass of water. Over and out. ;-)



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