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The Key To Quantum Leaping Your Income

By Amira Alvarez

If you're ready to make more money right now, you've got to make decisions. Quickly.

I didn't always do this. I used to ponder. Ruminate. Feel into it.

The feeling into it was not accessing my direct knowing. No.

It was really just feeling the confusion more profoundly. Spinning out. Wallowing in the hard.

There were days and weeks spent like this. There was a lot of time wasted and a lot of time spent making my business hard.

Listen… every day there are decisions that you need to make in your business. You've got to get good at this.

Some examples…

  • Do I raise my prices?
  • Do I invest in this technology, education, coaching?
  • Do I make this hire?
  • Do I freak out about xyz?

The list goes on and on. That's what running your own business is all about.

You either make these decisions quickly or you don't.

Quickly doesn't mean without thought or without plugging into your core direct knowing.

It simply means quickly.

You've got to get good at this. I urge you to start now.


Because your ability to make decisions quickly is one of the biggest factors to quantum leaping your income.

Fence-sitting wastes your precious energy and time.

If you are you stuck in a cycle of research and rumination, that's going to delay your breakthrough. Pay attention to that.

Paralysis by analysis is real. And it happens all the time, often in the most innocuous ways.

I talk about that a lot in my latest webinar: How To Break Through Your Income Barrier

What I see happening for a lot of women in business is stalling out in the decision-making process. There's “decision fatigue” and “decision paralysis.”

Sometimes this is because you haven't done this (whatever you're doing in your business right now that requires a decision) before and you need guidance, expertise, and help.

That's legit.

The quickest path to resolving this is to find a mentor. Find someone who's walked that path before and can help you make a quick decision. This is what I do for my Bootcampers every single day. It's why they make such fast progress.

Need that? Make the decision to get help.

Other times it's because of subconscious beliefs that say it's not safe to make money, it's not safe to really shine and go for it so let's confuse the matter and make this decision hard.

This is a clever smoke screen that your subconscious throws up to keep you from not growing and risking anything. You've got to take back conscious control… and you do that by making choices.

In both of these cases, you will be held back and slowed down if you don't learn to make decisions quickly. This is a boundary issue.

It will take you longer to make more money. This is a choice.

If you want to make it easier and faster to make money, you've got to learn how to make it safe to decide and do that. This is essential.

This is one of the things I teach in the Business Acceleration Bootcamp.

Want to get good at this? I invite you to make the decision to join me.




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