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photos of big horn sheep

On Creating

By Amira Alvarez

On the surface, this story is about sheep. Big Horn Sheep to be exact.

They’re powerful, majestic creatures. (See photographic evidence above.)

But really?

It’s about the power we have to create what we desire. (You included. That’s right. So listen up.)

It’s 2012. We were approaching Rocky Mountain National Park.

There were signs. (Yes, I always look for them.)

This one said quite explicitly: Big Horn Sheep Next 20 Miles.

I craned my head and look up to the cliffs.

I wanted to see Big Horn Sheep. I really, really wanted to see one.

I thought to myself, I wonder if I can conjure Big Horn Sheep. It was kind of a test.

I wished. I looked. I sent love to the sheep.

I sent a clear message to the corporate headquarters of Universe, LLC—send me sheep.

I did everything I could think of.

I probably even sang a song to the Sheep. (I don’t actually remember doing this. Though it’s definitely something I would do. It worked for calling in the whales, but that’s another story.)

45 minutes pass. No sheep.

It wasn’t working.

So I gave up. I just stopped.


Why give up if I was so intent on seeing them? If I wanted it so badly?

Because it didn’t feel good. Trying like that just didn't feel good.

Physically, it started to hurt my neck. All that craning of my head to look up the narrow cliffs hurt. (Duh.)

Emotionally, it started to feel bad too. I started down the spiral of…this is not working, what a bummer, I’m not going to get what I want, this is so disappointing. And these type of thoughts? They drain the mojo completely out of you.

So I quit.

I pulled over. I got some fresh air. I completely let go of my desire.

I shifted my focus to the stunning views at the lookout. My spirits lifted.

Refreshed, we started driving again.

I was surprised that we’re all alone on the road in such a crowded national park. There was not a car in front or behind us as far as we could see.

And then…

We saw them.

Walking directly toward US.

Three Big Horn Sheep. Making a beeline toward us. Or I guess, in this case, a sheepline toward us.

On a mission. (That is without question.)

Their trajectory so precise. Our alignment so in sync. This was no coincidence.

They walked right up to us.

I cried. (Isn’t that what everyone does when they see Big Horn Sheep?)

Jack had to take the photos, my hands were shaking so much.

They stood there staring at us, unapologetically explaining that, although they got my request immediately, it just took them awhile to get down the mountain. (I swear this is what they said.)

I was speechless.

And since then? I’ve never doubted that it’s possible to intentionally, collaboratively create whatever we want.

Sure, I’ve gotten confused and needed to get clear again. That happens. But doubt? Never again.

Here’s how it works.

  • Get clear. (What do you want? What do you really, really want?)
  • Make a request. (State it unequivocally. If you can’t do that, go back to step 1 and get yourself clear.)
  • Take action. (Look for the sheep. You might even try meeting the sheep half way up the mountain.)
  • Make sure you feel good. (Stop trying so hard if it feels like crap. Shift your focus to what feels good.)
  • Allow others to help you. (Let the sheep come to you.)

I’m telling you, it works for everything.

If it's not working for you, you're hung up on some part of the process.

Usually, it's the clarity bit. Often it's the feeling good bit. Very occasionally it's the action bit. (But that's usually due to lack of clarity and feeling good.)

So there you have it.

My story of conjuring Big Horn Sheep, or a quick parable about how to create what you want.


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