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How to OWN IT and make more sales in your business.

By Amira Alvarez

As women, we learn early on that it’s “bad” or “wrong” to brag. It’s “not polite” to talk about yourself, especially when you’re saying how great you are. Which in turn makes it more difficult to be confident in ourselves, our gifts, and the work we do for others.

But when it comes to making more sales in your business, confidence is a huge.

But what exactly is confidence?

Simply put: it’s owning it, whatever “it” is for you.

When you're “owning it,” it means you’re totally and completely at peace with who you are in each and every moment, interaction, and experience. You make no apologies, feel no need to explain yourself to others, and are able to ask for the sales with ease—because you KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can help solve your prospect’s problems.

Whether you’re writing a government grant proposal, creating art that will hang on someone’s wall, delivering a service to another business, or coaching an individual… “the work” comes down to YOU solving someone else’s problem. That’s it.

People care about RESULTS first and foremost, and when it comes to selling, there’s no room for feeling wobbly in yourself, your offerings, your price points, or your work. When you’re having a sales conversation (via email, over the phone, through your marketing, etc), you have to radiate that confidence in your ability to provide THE BEST solution for their needs.

So… how do you cultivate more confidence?

First, OWN what makes you amazing at what you do. What sets you apart from other coaches or artists or service providers? What makes you unique and different (even if it’s “just you,” that’s everything)? Why do you KNOW you can really serve and support people? Get in the habit of owning it without apologizing or minimizing. You’re amazing, OWN IT.

Second, OWN your pricing. Asking for money can feel weird, I get it. But when you’re owning the fact that you’re AMAZING at what you do, it becomes easier to own your pricing. Remember, you’re providing a solution to someone’s problem… and that solution has a value that is likely far greater than you could ever charge for.

Third, practice OWNING IT. Practice, practice, practice. Getting confident in sales comes from having more and more sales conversations. NOT from sitting around thinking about it. Call people up. Write more emails. Do more social media marketing. Find ways to book more consultations and put “owning it” into practice until you find your footing and it starts to come more naturally.

Now, it’s important to also understand HOW to have a sales conversation that’s most aligned for you, your offerings, and your ideal clients… however, this is a much bigger topic than what I can cover fully in today's blog.

Remember… YOU are amazing.

What you offer is amazing.

Own that.

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