30-Day Commitment Challenge!

It’s time to make a daily commitment to the ONE THING that will move the needle on your dreams.


Manifesting BIG DESIRES starts with making SMALL DAILY COMMITMENTS to yourself.

No matter what you want to accomplish, it’ll never feel like “the right time” to start. Tomorrow never comes, so today IS that time. 

Think about it for a moment: 

YOU ALREADY KNOW that if there was ONE THING you committed to doing every single day, it would move the needle in your business or in your life.

  • If you’re a writer, maybe it’s committing to writing for ONE HOUR every single day.
  • If you’re in sales, maybe it’s committing to following up on ONE LEAD every single day.
  • If you’re looking to transform your health, maybe it’s committing to drinking ONE GLASS of water every hour.
  • If you’re longing for a stronger spiritual connection, maybe it’s committing to meditating ONCE a day.
  • If you want to make more money, there’s probably ONE move-the-needle action that you could take daily to make it happen. 

It doesn’t matter how big or small your commitment is...

It’s about building those commitment muscles and proving to yourself that you CAN see it through.

Why is this so important?

There’s a BIG, JUICY DESIRE living inside you...it’s part of your SPIRITUAL DNA...the purpose you are here to live out.

So what’s stopping you from truly committing to that desire?

Is it fear of failure? Things are always going to go wrong sometimes, but here’s the trick with this one: you only fail if you give up, and tomorrow is always another day. 

Is it fear of disappointment? It’s scary to know you’ve given something your all and it still didn’t work out. But how much more disappointed will you be 20 years from now if you never even try?

Is it fear of repeating the past? Maybe you’ve tried to commit to something like this before, and it didn’t work out. Maybe you’ve gone in fits

 and starts, or gotten distracted and thrown off-course. Forget all of that now. 

I’m giving you permission to wipe the slate clean.

This challenge is unlike anything you’ve tried before.

I’m going to help you break through any of the patterns or fears that have been holding you back and live out a whole new level of commitment to yourself.

Plus, you’ll have the support and accountability of our incredible community of Unstoppable Women. 

We’re all in this together.


I’m committing to working on my physical health, so I’ll be running every. Single. DAY of this Challenge.

I WILL break a sweat, but I won’t break my commitment.

What about you? Will you commit to the ONE THING that changes EVERYTHING?

Here's how the Challenge works:

  • Every day, I’ll pop into your inbox with VIDEO TRAININGS on what it takes to stay committed and be unstoppable. (And you’ll get to watch me sweat my way through my running challenge, too!)
  • You’ll keep yourself accountable to your commitment by posting in our exclusive Facebook Group EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  • Our community of incredible, high-achieving women will support, encourage, and inspire you along the way.

(Psst: If you maintain your commitment to posting every single day, you’ll even get one of our super-sexy I AM UNSTOPPABLE hats!)

The result?

You’ll prove to yourself just how committed you can be -- making that next step to manifest your juiciest desires that much closer.

Meet Amira

Hi! I’m Amira Alvarez, CEO and Founder of The Unstoppable Woman®, and my biggest commitment of all is to show you how extraordinary you are!

The principles I teach have allowed me to go from good to great in ALL areas of my life...from 5Xing my income, to manifesting the perfect high-rise condo in the city, to completing my first marathon and even having the best sex of my life. There’s nothing you can’t do when you commit to yourself!

I’m always one part commanding, one part compassionate because my job is to be the spotlight you can’t hide from any longer. I shine brightly on the greatness inside you until you’re not ashamed of the glow.

Ready to train your commitment muscles and raise your threshold for glory?

What happens when you work with Amira?

“I was stuck! The energy in my business was stagnated. I felt discouraged and frustrated that I couldn't create the business that I knew I was meant to have. When I met Amira and experienced her coaching I knew in my heart that this was the next step I needed to take to break through my self-doubt and start experiencing success. It was the best decision I have ever made for my business.

In just 3 weeks I more than quadrupled my income and I am serving more women from a place of love and service than I had thought was possible! Thank you, Amira for holding a higher vision for me to step into and fully embrace.”

Misty Springer, Holistic Health Coach

“Amira has a rare combination of skills. Her sensitivity and empathy pair with an eagle eye for seeing through all the clutter and noise and zero in on what really matters.

She combines that with a decisiveness and strategic brain that lets her see the process clearly.

I have this funny image of a gypsy with a crystal ball in a business suit. And that’s Amira. She walks in two opposite worlds with ease.

I cannot imagine a problem or a situation too complex or mucky for Amira. She is brilliant and insightful and gentle and strategic. She has what you need.”

Nancy Striniste, Master Landscape Designer

“The beauty is, under Amira’s guidance, I identified the thought patterns that have been part of my life for well, decades.

Amira taught me how to listen to myself. She taught me that my “gut instinct” was only part of what I needed to be truly in tune with my intuition. Now that I am aware of my former pattern of thinking, the way I listened to myself, and am learning from you the truth of understanding myself, I am on the road to making decisions without second-guessing.
I make decisions I am confident in. My decisions are grounded in MY truth. I am free of fear.

Let me say that again. I am free of fear.

Wynn Godsend, Author, Speaker, Coach

Ready to train your commitment muscles and raise your threshold for glory?



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