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Circling Around The Same Problems In Your Business?

By Amira Alvarez

One of the things I'm keenly aware of when I work with entrepreneurs is that even though they're already successful and can be making multiple 6-figures, they still have blindspots in their business models.

I look for these because this is where the opportunity for income acceleration is.

These are the places where they recognize that there's a problem, but can't see the solution for themselves.

One woman I recently worked with had been circling around the same problem in her business for the last 5 years.

She couldn't quite figure out how to integrate her divergent passions and business channels, but knew she needed to.

This is a really common problem and one that needs to be solved if you're going to show up fully and wholly as you in your business.

(Hint: anything less than fully showing up feels a bit dreadful, like you're squeezed into a container that doesn't fit… and this makes everything feel like an uphill battle.)

She had a great business model–one that had her working with her ideal client at the PERFECT point of entry and helping them on exactly what they needed help with. Then, once her clients had mastered this level of transformation, they were then ready to move onto much bigger things.

She had that planned out for them too. She had the next beautiful step, really good and juicy stuff, for her clients. It seemed ideal, except there was a problem–something was missing.

She knew it but couldn't put her finger on it. It was feeling good but not perfect. It didn't have that completely lined up, yummy feeling.

Listening to her, I recognized that there was this whole side of her that was being left out of her business model. She had expertise and passion that was core to her big purpose, her “why” in this world, that she wasn't including in the flow of her business model.

Sure it was there, but it wasn't highlighted and given it's time in the spotlight. It needed to be made part of the magic in a much bigger way.

In one quick conversation (it's not always this quick, but it can be!), I assessed the situation and gave her a way to do this that was elegant, easy, and aligned.

There was a long pause, during which I could feel all her cells realigning, and then a great, big smile.

She had a successful business, had worked with other business strategists before, but up until this point she didn't quite have the exact answer she needed to make her business model work seamlessly. Now she has an elegant path forward.

This is an example of “finding the missing link” and “seeing your blindspot”– and when you do, your business gets so much easier.

It has nothing to do with your intelligence, passion, or competence, by the way. I know you've got that going on!

It does however, have everything to do with being able to zero in on what needs fixing–and most of the time, we can't do that for ourselves.

Here's the thing about blindspots… by definition you can't see them. They are YOUR blindspots.

If you're in a similar place to the woman in this example, and want to DIY this, ask yourself the following questions:

1) What practical elements are being left out of your business?

2) What element of your “being-ness,” your vision, your essential self is not being heard or seen in your business?

3) What are you yearning to express or address, but it just doesn't fit your business model or how you've been told to do things?

Once you've answered these questions ask…

4) What would it take to weave these in? What would need to change in yourself and in your business? How could you do that?

5) What's at risk if you make these changes? What could you gain?

6) Are you willing to change these components of your business?





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