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Choices In Who You Are Being

By Amira Alvarez

A while back,  I found myself faced with a decision about whether to invest in my business.

Actually, there were several decisions. One was a small investment that I wouldn't think twice about, but the other two were fairly large investments.

When faced with these decisions, I started going to that place… Do I spend the money? Is this the right decision? Am I being foolish? Can I get by without spending this?


Who was I being there?

Honestly, I was BEING someone who was afraid to spend the money, who thinks the money is going to run out, and who doesn't believe in herself and her business.

Talk about teaching what you need to learn! (The Universe gives us these slaps in the face exactly when we need them. Oy!)

My indecision only lasted for a brief and fleeting moment. Nonetheless, I really needed to face that I wasn't BEING who I needed to be to have the business I envision for myself.

This led me to ask myself…

Who was I going to be?

Someone driven by fear? Or a confident business woman who acted decisively?

I had to own that choice and make a powerful decision in favor of what I desire. And I did.

See… creating a successful business is largely about the choices you make.

Every day… there are a thousand choices.

Do I hire this person? Do I sign this contract? Do I spend this money? Do I go to this event?

Do I talk to this person? Do I place this ad? Do I charge this amount? Do I write this post?

These choices determine your results.

But let's take a step back… what informs your decisions? What leads you to make the decisions that you do?

The answer is: who you are BEING.

Not everyone will make the same choices. That's pretty obvious. Who you are, your values, beliefs, identity, experience, paradigms, world view, essence… all of this… leads you to make the decisions that you do.

Yet, the woman you ARE now has created the business you HAVE now.

If you want something different, you have to BE someone different.

If you are want more money, clients, free time, you need to step into BEING the woman who has that. This is critical to understand…Who you are BEING has to change.

You need to BE the kind of woman who makes the kinds of decisions that get the results you want.

Let me be clear… I'm not talking about changing your essential Self, the true essence of who you are.

Nope. That's essential and it's impossible to change that.

But, one layer up if you will, there's a whole lot that's open to being different. And guess what? You get to decide who you are going to be.

It's a choice.

Change who you're being and you'll make different decisions… and this will lead to different results.

Ask yourself… what kind of results do you want? Then ask yourself, who do you need to be NOW to get those results?



PS: When there's a disconnect between what you want and your results, the problem often lies in not being able to see how to step into being the person who gets different results. If you want different results, I can show you to step into being the woman who gets them. That's part of my job as your guide and mentor. Yet, the first step is to choose to BE someone who gets help. DIYing your business is being someone who chooses the hard and slow path. Is this what you want? I think not. ;-)

Be the person who actualizes what she wants. Now's the time. You can contact me here and I tell you how you can get started right now. Zero pressure. Zero obligation.

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