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[Case Study] She went from $45k to $534k

By Amira Alvarez

Do you want to know why most people don't make a quantum leap in income?

It's not because they're not smart enough

Or that they don't work hard enough

Or even because they don't have the right business plan… though all of those things help!

It's because when you're going for more… a lot more… you're going to hit the terror barrier.

The terror barrier comes up when you start taking the steps that really, really, really push you out of your comfort zone… and if you're not prepared with knowledge, support, and community… it will stop you… every time.

To explain, let me use my client Allison* as an example…

Allison is a landscape designer and when we started working together her average contract that she would go after was between $40,000 and $50,000.

But then, opportunities started opening up and she went for a $534k contract… AND GOT IT! This was huge!

But almost immediately the proverbial s— hit the fan. Things started blowing up left and right. There were issues with her team, finding the right people for the job… everything felt like it was going to be too much for her to handle.

It's NOT that she couldn't handle it….

It's that it felt like it was going to be too much. Her emotions got hold of her and threw her into DAILY ups and downs of intense fear, doubt, worry… and SHAME.

Can I really do this? Am I going to be outed as a fraud? Are they going to come after me? Was her worst nightmare of being not good enough going to be realized?

She started to experience intense anxiety, she couldn't sleep and was having a hard time functioning. In her own words… “It flattened her.”

See… this situation triggered a very old story about her father… a story that she thought that she had worked through long ago in therapy…

This is what the subconscious mind does in order to stop you when you're really going for more… like when you're going for 11x more than what you went for before… like going from a $45k contract to a half million dollar contract…

It grabs onto the most intense story… the one that makes you feel the most shame… and it triggers that…

Because god forbid you go for more and actualize on your dreams… your potential… what you want.

What was happening here was that Allison wasn't just moving through what she called her “daddy story” by talking through what happened in the past with her father…

She was actually TAKING ACTION that proved that she was done with being the little girl in that story…

She was taking action that directly countered the subconscious beliefs about herself that she had held for so many years.

Your subconscious programming DOES NOT LIKE IT when you do this– it thinks you're going to die when you do this– so it tries to stop you by throwing up intense, mind f—king emotions. THIS IS THE TERROR BARRIER.

And if you don't know The Laws of Success

And you don't have the support you need…

You'll stop at that barrier… and turn right around. You won't move through it. You'll never get to the other side… because it's just too intense. It will stop you and you'll keep playing small… thinking that you just can't do it.

But once you're on the other side of this, you never go back.

Allison got to the other side.

Now she's going after even bigger contracts… over $1 million… over $2 million…

She's on her way to being a $5 million dollar company.

This is how it works… you can move through your blocks and quantum leap your business very quickly in fact… if you want to… and if you get help to stay the course.

Does it take work? Will there be those emotional blocks?

Yes and yes.

But when you do the work and take the action, your self-esteem rises– you can listen to the in-depth discussion of this in video 2 of the no-cost training Cracking the Code to Income Generation Using the Laws of Success.

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And when your self-esteem rises… so does your ability to receive more!

And this is exactly what happened for Allison… she moved to a whole new level of Self-Worth and she quantum leaped her business.

If you want to Quantum Leap your business… and go from where you are now to playing at a much bigger level… you need to understand and live the Law of Self-Worth.

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