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Become Unstoppable, Make A Sh*t Ton Of Money

By Amira Alvarez

Recently I went on a rant about making a shit-ton of money on Facebook.

Here’s the thing… you've got to WANT it bad enough.

Building a kick-ass business… well, to be frank, it's not for sissies.

There are going to be some serious hurdles. Sometimes, in the beginning, it's every day. Heck, it can be ALL day, EVERY day in the beginning… or even for years if you don't figure things out.

Sometimes those hurdles are “all in your mind”. Sometimes there's misfortune, bad stuff that goes down, things that have you thinking, “why the hell is this happening?” Yes, bad things happen to good people. Being good has nothing to do with it.

What you need to recognize is that you have to want it bad enough.

You have to want it more than any obstacle that you encounter.

And this want?

It has to be so strong that you become unstoppable.

Identifying this is key to unlocking your quantum leap.

For me, this is freedom.

But it's not *just* the pretty, Disney, leaping into sunsets, luxe vacations, and drinking champagne version of freedom. It's not just the ability to decide my own schedule or buy what I want. Those things are great, don't get me wrong. I love them. (And I love sunsets too. No one's knocking sunsets.)

But that's not enough.

There has to be more… otherwise, you stop. You're satisfied with enough. Your mind will say… you have enough, this isn't worth it, this is worth doing whatever it takes.

For me… freedom means… “you can't tell me who the F– I am or what the F– I can do.”

This is the version of freedom that gets me out of bed every morning.  

This is what drives me past the obstacles. This is why I persist and I'm unstoppable. I want that more than I want any comfort of staying the same, which if we're honest, is only a temporary comfort that turns into long term regret.  

Do you feel me? Do you know what I'm talking about? Do you have a desire that runs so deep that it makes you unstoppable?

I hope so.

‘Cause you need it if you're going to make your quantum leap. Comment and tell me… what do you want so badly? What is that desire is for you?


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