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It’s bad business to have a so-so love relationship – here’s why.

By Amira Alvarez

You may want to compartmentalize your business and your primary love relationship.

You may want to separate them and see them as completely separate entities that don't impact each other.

You may even dive into your business as a way to escape your relationship issues.

But this usually comes back to bite you.

You see… all of this “management” (and yes, ignoring this issue is a type of management) is using up precious energy… this is energy that you could be putting toward creating what you truly desire in your life and your business.

If your relationship is falling apart, or even just slightly irritating, unsatisfying, or blah… it drains you of energy.

This is energy you could be putting toward your business or the other passions in your life. This is a total waste, not to mention heart breaking in the relationship department.

I've spent many a coaching call helping powerful, brilliant, soulful women align in the relationship department so they can show up full out in their business. It's so critical to your success and happiness. You have to approach healing relationships in a revolutionary way.

How will you approach your relationships (love, friendships, business) from now on?

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