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Are you in the maybe??

By Amira Alvarez

Commitment is part of what makes the quantum leap possible.

Are you wholly embracing and showing up for what you want?

When you're not fully in the YES of what you want, then you're in the maybe or the no.

‘Maybe' doesn't cut it.

It's the ‘maybe' that gets us in trouble.

It's the wanting but not stepping into the actualizing of your dream or goal.

Its a “sort of” liminal land that hurts and is painful. Sometimes we hang out here a long time. Sometimes for a lifetime. (This feels like crap. Don't do this.)

We fence sit in rationale decisions and safe choices.

But it hurts. Good gawd it hurts. It's that painful feeling in your heart when you want something but deny it to yourself.

It's the dashing of dreams, the saying… “No, you can't have what you want.

You'll survive it. But it hurts. And that discontent? It doesn't really get better until you fully embrace your desire.

This does NOT mean stopping at “I have a goal” or “I have a dream” or “This is what I want.

That's the beginning, yet that is not enough.

You need to COMMIT through your choices and actions, through how you show up every day.

It means taking action in alignment with your desires consistently.

This looks like showing up everyday and taking action toward achieving your desire. Not frenetic action. Clear, aligned action.

This means making CHOICES that move your toward your desire… not away, not more of the same.

This means investing resources, your time and money, into your dream.

Sometimes this means making a bold decision, something that scares the pants off of you, yet it forces you to step into your dream.

And when you do this, when you step up and commit, you activate the processes involved in making the quantum leap in your business.

You are making a bold stand for what you want.

You are saying loudly and clearly YES and it resonates for the world to hear.

With love and light, ease and grace,




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